In the 20’s Your New Best Friend Will Be In The Cloud. But Will You Have Fun?

As our calendars flip from 2019 to 2020, we bid farewell to the iPhone decade.  Yes, the iPhone was announced on stage by the late Steve Jobs in 2007, but its monumental effect changed the way we lived, worked and played in the last decade.  That (toy) tool enabled Facebook, Twitter and numerous other apps to help, hurt and advise us through our days and it is always by our sides. For many people, their smartphone is their first interaction of the day and the last thing they touch before going to sleep.  It has truly changed the way we live and is poised to remain a large part of our lies in the 2020’s

So where do we and our phones go from here.  Will the 20’s be the decade of iGlass? Everything from our toothbrushes to our homes are completely connected to the internet or automated vehicles take us wherever at the tap of an app.  My guess is that by December 2029 artificial intelligence, AI, will be the glue in all of these deliverables. It will be our constant companion at work helping us create better products and deliver exemplary service.  While we are brushing our teeth the toothbrush will communicate our vitals to our AI in the cloud and it will make sure all is good-to-go for the day. AI will be up there, with us everywhere we go.

Where all this amazing tech will take us, I have not a clue.  But just like each decade before, it will be the most amazing decade ever.  Okay that is where the world around us wants to take us. Where do we want to go in the 2020’s? 

How about more FUN in the 2020’s?  I challenge all this tech and AI to add more jot to our lives?

We have always worked to make life easier, more fulfilling…what about FUN.  Let’s contemplate that. Yes, fun, you know those amazing moments when you laugh so hard tears stream from your eyes and you think you are going to have a heart attack.  FUN. When you ride a wave and it spins you like a top and your nose is full of the ocean and your shorts are full of sand, and you just take a moment and laugh at what just made you feel alive.  That is it! I want more alive, fun time in the 2020’s How about it, AI, are you listening?

Do Enjoy…

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